I am Roberto who has been passionate about the world of wine for several years. All the bottles you will see on my website have been carefully selected and are the same ones that I would drink (and will drink) with my friends.

I have taken several courses, such as WSET and AIS and will continue to do so. I was able to visit several companies and I will have the opportunity to tell you about them through several of my articles that I will propose on the site. I met several companies by participating in the numerous fairs and events that are held every year in Italy and France.

You will find in particular bottles from Piedmont and Burgundy, territories that find a particular place in my heart.

I would like to clarify that all the bottles are stored at a temperature of 14 ° C in a horizontal position and with controlled humidity (70%).

I have enormous respect for the producers you see on this site and for the work they do and for this reason the bottles will only be shipped on the following days of the week: MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY. This is because I don't want the bottles to hang around on weekends in uncontrolled temperatures.

You will find famous wineries and others that perhaps will become so but for me they are all people who give meaning to work in areas suited to the cultivation of vines, to bottle something representative of the place of origin and that I often know, if you know the producer, there you will find his personality.

It would be easy to propose only high-sounding wines in the name that are needed to have an audience and not make a mistake in the choice of critics but I have long liked to look for something else and that it is possible to be amazed. Cheers!

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